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Belt Power Curves

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Portec Belt Power Curves

A 50-Year Head Start on Technology, Reliability and Performance. Invented by Portec over five decades ago, proven in the harshest industrial environments around the world. • Simple, efficient, reliable design • High speed capability • Custom design available • Wide conveying widths available • Positive-drive chain tracks belt with precision.
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Low Profile Curves

A low-profile belt curve designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of small products around corners. Engineered with a small diameter tapered end roll that promotes uniform transfer and alignment of small products. Adaptable to a wide range of applications.
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Z-Turn® Belt Curve

When the small space of your operation is a big consideration, Portec Flomaster has the answer. A compact, 180 degree belt power curve, designed with a small inside radius for a space-saving conveyor layout.-The Z-turn has cylindrical end rolls for outstanding product transfers. It is fully bi-directional, with a drive that can be mounted on either the inside or outside radius. Two model sizes are available.
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Knife-Edge® Curve

Our innovative Knife-Edge power curves allow the smooth handling of small products around curves. All Knife-Edge Belt Curves are available in a large range of arcs. They have small fixed-position, end rolls (5/8" or 16mm diameter) and are positive chain driven. Contaminants on the belt will not cause slippage of the belt. FDA acceptable food grade belting is standard. Static conductive belting is available.
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Replacement Belts

The next time you have a belt failure or replacement need, call us for your OEM Portec Replacement Belt.

Why take a chance with a "bargain" belt?

• Genuine Portec Belts are only manufactured by Portec.

• Look for the Portec Logo stamped on every link of our exclusive, proprietary design chain. If you don’t see it, it’s not a Portec Belt.

• Portec does not manufacture “Private Label” belts for any other company. Learn More

•Genuine Portec belts are available through Authorized Re-sellers and direct from the Factory – call 1-800-777-7471 for a quote.

Portec has been in business for over 50 years and knows the equipment you are using. By using Genuine Portec parts on your equipment, you guarantee proper fit, alignment and the reliabilty you've come to expect.

Portec belts are designed for high strength, low stretch, with impact resistance, load support and fastener-holding ability.

In most cases, no other part of the belt conveyor system will be more economically important than the conveyor belt itself. The selection of the conveyor belt must be carefully made. Portec has years of hands on experience with belting. We will be able to guide you towards the best belt available to fit your application needs.
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