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Spare Parts

Portec offers a comprehensive range of spare parts to suit all Portec conveyors. Competitive quotes are also available for all types of conveyor belts, including belts for powered curve conveyors that are not manufactured by Portec.

Portec applies over 50 years of experience supplying the most complete line of conveyors, components, packaging equipment and material handling equipment. Our clients and end users, range from main-street to Wall Street. Portec equipment can be found in beverage, brewery, dairy, bakery, co-packers, glass/plastic bottle, food processing, vegetables processing and packaging plants.

Equipped with a staff that prides itself with excellence in customer service, we are there to help you with your needs.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the last 50 years, has given us the ability to field and solve our customers requirements with solutions.

Thank you for the time to learn about Portec and we look forward to assisting you.
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Portec Belt Power Curves

A 50-Year Head Start on Technology, Reliability and Performance. Invented by Portec over five decades ago, proven in the harshest industrial environments around the world. • Simple, efficient, reliable design • High speed capability • Custom design available • Wide conveying widths available • Positive-drive chain tracks belt with precision.
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Spiral Lifts

The Answer to the Ups and Downs of Material Handling • Proven in demanding, high-volume applications throughout the world • Helps maintain product orientation • No metering, accumulation or indexing required • No end roll slip due to positive drive system • Can be fully customized to specific applications • The ideal solution for continuous vertical transport Portec Spiral lifts have been utilized in numerous industrial, manufacturing and publishing applications. Airline terminals, warehouses, food processing plants, assembly operations and newspapers are just a few of the many types of industries which utilize Portec SPIRAL CURVES® and SPIRAL-LIFTS™ to speed up production and bring a new level of efficiency to their operations. Portec Spiral Lifts are frequently used for incline and decline applications in conveying lines that 24/7. They are ideal anywhere floor space is at a premium and reliability is a requirement. Portec Spirals are designed for low maintenance and long life.
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Spiral Curves

When you need to get up and around, the Spiral Curve is the answer. Adaptable to a wide variety of configurations, it accomplishes both elevation and direction differentials with a single unit. Available in arcs from 15 to 290 degrees, Portec's Sprial Curve is the solution for matching two seperate lines.
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The ChuteMaster Fiberglass Spiral Chute from Portec Flomaster saves floor space, is economical and virtually maintenance free. It provides a safe, secure means of lowering your products. Specially designed fiberglass module profiles help control the descending speed of your products. In high humidity situations, the self-starting characteristics of the gel-coated fiberglass assists products to flow freely, gently and safely.
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Portec Angle-Flo® conveyors facilitate the merging or diverging of two conveyor lines smoothly and efficiently. • Available in 30° or 45° angles • Extremely quiet • Smooth positive angular transfer • Ideal for small products • Precise indexing and throughput • Rapid start / stop capability • High speed option available
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STS Spiral Tote Slide

The STS Spiral Tote Slide from Portec is an economical way of lowering plastic tote boxes. Each STS Spiral Slide is specifically designed to accommodate the size and sliding characteristics of a particular plastic tote box. It is the perfect solution for applications with a continuous flow of a standardized plastic tote. The design ensures a controlled descent and the optional exit swoop ensures a smooth transition to the adjoining conveyor.
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Low Profile Curves

A low-profile belt curve designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of small products around corners. Engineered with a small diameter tapered end roll that promotes uniform transfer and alignment of small products. Adaptable to a wide range of applications.
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Z-Turn® Belt Curve

When the small space of your operation is a big consideration, Portec Flomaster has the answer. A compact, 180 degree belt power curve, designed with a small inside radius for a space-saving conveyor layout.-The Z-turn has cylindrical end rolls for outstanding product transfers. It is fully bi-directional, with a drive that can be mounted on either the inside or outside radius. Two model sizes are available.
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Spiral Fiberglass Chute With Skate Wheels

An efficient and effective design that utilizes gravity and skatewheels to move trays from one level to another. Each module has a flat bottom with vertical sides to contain the trays/totes and assist in maintaining tray/tote orientation. Product descent is controlled through the unique spiral design. It is constructed out of durable hand-laid fiberglass and is an inexpensive alternative to conventional equipment.
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The perfect solution whenever a positive-drive queuing conveyor or short, wide belt conveyor is required. Performance is not affected by sudden loading of the belt, temperature changes or improper belt tension. No special adjustments needed for belt tracking and excellent dependability under heavy duty work conditions including metering applications.
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Belt Merge

The Portec Flomaster Belt Merge Conveyors facilitate the merging of two or more conveyor lines into a single product transport line. The Belt-Merge Conveyor eliminates side load tracking problems routinely encountered on regular belt conveyors. Specially designed for manufacturing, warehouse/distribution center and airline baggage applications. Optional fixed position bed idler rollers are available for extra-heavy product loads.
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Knife-Edge® Curve

Our innovative Knife-Edge power curves allow the smooth handling of small products around curves. All Knife-Edge Belt Curves are available in a large range of arcs. They have small fixed-position, end rolls (5/8" or 16mm diameter) and are positive chain driven. Contaminants on the belt will not cause slippage of the belt. FDA acceptable food grade belting is standard. Static conductive belting is available.
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Replacement Belts

The next time you have a belt failure or replacement need, call us for your OEM Portec Replacement Belt.

Why take a chance with a "bargain" belt?

• Genuine Portec Belts are only manufactured by Portec.

• Look for the Portec Logo stamped on every link of our exclusive, proprietary design chain. If you don’t see it, it’s not a Portec Belt.

• Portec does not manufacture “Private Label” belts for any other company. Learn More

•Genuine Portec belts are available through Authorized Re-sellers and direct from the Factory – call 1-800-777-7471 for a quote.

Portec has been in business for over 50 years and knows the equipment you are using. By using Genuine Portec parts on your equipment, you guarantee proper fit, alignment and the reliabilty you've come to expect.

Portec belts are designed for high strength, low stretch, with impact resistance, load support and fastener-holding ability.

In most cases, no other part of the belt conveyor system will be more economically important than the conveyor belt itself. The selection of the conveyor belt must be carefully made. Portec has years of hands on experience with belting. We will be able to guide you towards the best belt available to fit your application needs.
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